Fan Issues

The purpose of this site is to organize fans about issues with the NFL. Many fans throughout America feel that the Commissioner of the NFL should be removed for several reasons:

  1. Toleration of Violence Against Women and Children
  2. Aggressive lobbying for Public Money
  3. Taking Away Home Games from Loyal Season Ticket Holders
  4. Disallowance of Corporate Owned Teams
  5. Denying Los Angeles a Team
  6. Wanting Teams in Foreign Countries
  7. Allowing a Super Bowl to be Played in New Jersey
  8. Wanting a Super Bowl in a Foreign Country
  9. Abuse of Public Trust


Toleration of Violence Against Women and Children

Now were not saying that NFL players are any more violent or criminal than any other member of the general population. Statistics show that the NFL players have a much lower rate of domestic violence and abuse than the rest of the population.

The league chooses to discipline players. This is due to public relations pure and simple. Most members of the general public expect this of professional football players due to their economic status, education and association with the corporations that use them to pitch products.

Many fans feel that there have been several incidents involving players that the league has tried to cover up or do aggressive damage control. Two incidents involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have angered the public. It’s not so much the incidents. The fact that Ray Rice was initially suspended for two games has angered women in particular. Allowing Adrian Peterson back also angered the public. It took a corporate sponsor of the Minnesota Vikings to get Peterson suspended. Meanwhile other players get as much or more punishment for testing positive for marijuana.

Because of Roger Goodell’s underestimation of the public’s displeasure of violence and the cover up of the Ray Rice incident large numbers of everyday citizens are calling for him to be fired.

List of NFL player arrests since 2000 from U-T San Diego


Aggressive lobbying for Public Money

When the NFL chose Roger Goodell as league commissioner back in 2006 they stated via press release that his efforts in getting new stadiums among the reasons he was chosen over the other candidates. Over the last 30 years the league decided to aggressively lobby states, cities and counties to pony up and pay for their facilities. Otherwise the team will move.

After the Rams and Raiders moved from Los Angeles the league stepped up it’s efforts to get more revenue from new stadiums. Local teams began to use the we can move to L.A. threat as a bargaining chip. They league knows that the people who make these decisions are fans too. They don’t want to see their favorite team move to another city. They want to be guests at the owner’s box on the 50 yard line.


Taking Away Home Games from Loyal Season Ticket Holders

The International Series is yet another bogus ploy to get more money while simultaneously putting the fear in any American city that they may loose their team if they don’t build them a new stadium. Roger Goodell has authorized taking away a home games from certain teams and playing it in a neutral site in a foreign country. Mostly Toronto Canada and London England. This means season ticket holders get one less game while having to pay for 2 preseason games.

Most of the teams who have given up home games are teams who are lobbying for public dollars for stadium funding. The Buffalo Bills, St Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons are among the teams who have opted in to giving up a home game while having an aggressive effort to lobby for new stadiums paid for by the public.

The St Louis Rams backed out of playing 2 additional games after the city complained about them violating a clause in their lease that states the team is to play all their home games in the stadium they are paying off bonds on.

The Miami Dolphins were the first to give up a home game and have recently lobbied for public dollars to renovate their stadium as well. Many season ticket holders did not renew because of this. The season ticket holders have dwindled so much that the team is reducing capacity by almost 13,000 seats during the renovations to be finished in two years.


Disallowance of Corporate Owned Teams

The NFL will not allow a corporation or a non-profit corporation to buy a team or own any interest in a team either. They will only allow private ownership meaning no more that 25 individuals can own a team. The Green Bay Packers are the only team owned by a non-profit corporation. The Packers are grandfathered in due to being a charter franchise of the NFL

This means that the league will not allow fans to form a stock held corporation and buy their favorite team. The likely reason why the NFL  only allows individual ownership has to do with financial disclosure. When the members of the public own stock in a corporation that corporation must provide information about its revenue and expenses to the public. This way the teams can cry poverty to the city and demand a new stadium paid for by the ever generous American taxpayer.


Denying Los Angeles a Team

It has been 20 years since the NFL has had a team in Los Angeles the nations 2nd largest city. The NFL has said over and over and over again that they intend to move a team there. Since then the league awarded new franchises to Carolina and Jacksonville. Houston and Cleveland got new franchises to replace the ones they lost. Yet L.A. still has no team.

The NFL has incentive to not bring a team to Los Angeles. The league use the void as leverage to get tax dollars for new stadiums.


Wanting Teams in Foreign Countries

Roger Goodell is aggressively pushing for a team in a foreign country. He thinks it will make the game more popular. As of the International Series Game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders Goodell has made it known that he intends to put a team in London within 5 years.

We think this is wrong. It would be one thing if the NFL were self sufficient. They begged for the public’s money and do not pay taxes like they are a charity or a non-profit. American tax dollars subsidise the development of players via college and high school sports. cities, counties and states are shelling out big bucks for these teams. A team can only play a limited number of games due to the nature of the sport. The public expects them to play every NFL game in the USA.


Allowing a Super Bowl to be Played in New Jersey

Nothing against the people of New Jersey. The Super Bowl is by rule to be played in a predetermined site that is a neutral site in a warm climate or an indoor stadium if in cold climate. For Super Bowl XLVIII Roger Goodell and his cronies decided to have it played at the Meadowlands home of Goodell’s favorite team the New York Giants and his former employer the New York Jets. The stadium ironically has a special luxury sweet for the commissioner. Go figure.

Since Goodell let the cat out of the bag don’t you think it would be fair to give other northern cities a chance to host a Super Bowl? After all a lot of these communities are putting millions upon millions of dollars into their facilities. This means Denver, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Foxboro, Baltimore, Landover and Seattle should be entitle to host at least one Super Bowl. How about a Super Bowl in Green Bay?


Wanting a Super Bowl in a Foreign Country

There are many cities in America investing money in stadiums that may never get a Super Bowl. Roger Goodell want Super Bowls in foreign countries. Here’s the proof:


Betrayal of Public Trust

The office of the commissioner is one of public trust. It is his responsibility to ensure goodwill towards the public and to promote fairness between the players, officials, owners and fans. During his tenure ticket prices have exploded. The league has done all kinds of cheesy things to fans, corporations and local governments to raise revenue.

The public does not believe that he did not know about the Ray Rice incident elevator video. We believe it is time for Roger Goodell to go for the reason mentioned above.

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