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NFL sees sharp decline in concussions, hits on defenseless players


The NFL believes players have largely learned to avoid hits to the head of defenseless players. NFL Competition Committee Co-Chair Rich McKay says that at all levels of football, players have taken to heart the rules against hitting opponents in

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Doctors advise team medical staffs to be more vigilant about concussions


As expected, the NFL is launching an effort to improve the spotting of concussions.  The first step?  A memo telling team medical staffs to do a better job of spotting concussions. PFT has obtained a copy of the memo that

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Bears growing concerned about Chris Conte’s concussions


Bears safety Chris Conte suffered his second concussion of the season on Sunday, and coach Marc Trestman is getting concerned. “You do have concerns when Chris has a history,” Trestman said., via ESPN “Certainly that’s relevant. When we put him

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