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Week 14 “Three and Out:” Panthers at Saints


This was supposed to be a matchup with playoff implications. Then again, the NFC South wasn’t supposed to turn into a roaring dumpster fire that smells like an alley off Bourbon Street at three in the morning this year, either. So while the

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Week 14 “Three and Out”: Cowboys at Bears


By converting the “Three and Out” feature to a one-game-at-a-time thing, Thursday and Monday night games can now be included.  If we choose to.  And if we remember to. We’ve both remembered and chosen to take a three-question-and-answer look at

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Week 13 “Three and Out”: Browns at Bills


When the NFL schedule came out in April, not many people circled their calendars for the November 30 Browns-Bills matchup as a battle of two teams with winning records. But that’s where we are, as the 7-4 Browns and 6-5

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Get yourself ready for Sunday with the weekly “Three and Out” feature


Given the time it takes to write the damn thing, I need to spend a little time promoting it. Posted Saturday afternoon while most of you were watching college football, here’s another chance to take a look at this week’s

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